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How do I find the right mirror for my van, RV or pick-up?

In some cases we can use the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). Otherwise in order to find the right mirror, we'll need to know some details about your vehicle so be sure to have this information available when you call or visit us online.

Often there is a part number on the bottom of the lower adjustable mirror. If no part number is found, for Van, pickup and RV mirrors we need the following;

  • Year, make and model of the vehicle 
  • Manual or remote adjust? 
  • Black, white or chrome finish? 
  • Width of your vehicle's body at the rear 
  • Do you need right (passenger) or left (driver) side? 
  • Does it have one single flat glass or 2 separately adjustable mirror surfaces? 

Here are some tips on mirror arm length:

  • 86" wide vehicles take the 9.5" arm length 
  • 96" wide vehicles take the 14.5" arm length 
  • 102" wide vehicles take the 16" arm length 

When you're ready with the information above, please contact us so we can assist in find your mirror. You can also visit our supplier Velvac online to find RV mirror part numbers.

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