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Why am I asked personal questions when I try to place an order?

Why am I asked personal questions when I try to place an order?

Ryder Fleet Products serves customers around the world and we diligently monitor and take precautionary measures to prevent fraudulent activity. Protecting our customers, and ourselves, against credit card fraud and identity theft is a top priority. If you are a new user wanting to make a transaction on a personal or corporate credit/debit card you may be asked a few questions to verify the identity of the card holder.

Ryder Fleet Products understands and shares your concerns about privacy. To protect your identity and personal information, we partner with IDology (, an identification and fraud network that assists companies in deterring credit card fraud and meeting compliance regulations.

We use this third party provider to securely verify a new customer's identity by asking "out-of-pocket" questions.  These questions have answers that would not be found in lost or stolen belongings.  Questions are generated after the identity is found using information requested from the customer.   

IDology and Ryder Fleet Products are committed to the responsible use of data and the protection of customers' privacy while confirming their identity.  The information collected is not used for any other purpose.

What are my options?
If you prefer not to go through the on-line identity verification process, you can skip.  We will try to validate your account manually. Please note this will delay your order and might even result in a cancelled order in rare cases.

If you have done business with us in the past, we consider you a trusted friend.  Simply let us know and we will update your online profile accordingly. 

Ryder Fleet Products reserves the right to cancel orders and refund all proceeds if an identity cannot be verified. 


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