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ProTREAD Driver Training Records and Print Certificate


1. Purchase Lessons

ProTREAD Driver Training lessons can be purchased individually or in batches.  After purchase the driver and/or administrator is provided all the details needed to begin training.  

2. Complete Training

To begin training each driver will access with their individual DriverID and Access Key.  These credentials and other details are provided after purchase.  

3. Print Certificates

After a lesson is completed the driver can print a Completion Certificate.  Simply login with the same credentials used to train at  Find lesson history and look for the Certificate button shown on each completed lesson.  


Manager/Administrator Information

If you manage a large group and buy lots of lessons, you can gain access to an Administrative page.  This page allows you to view the progress and completion status of your entire team.  Administrators can also print certificates for anyone on the team.  

To print certificates, simply login with the credentials we provide and select "Reports Menu".  ON the Query screen and select All Lessons to see the entire list.  To find specific lessons simply enter a DriverID or other search criteria. 

If you are interested and need more information please contact us.  We will be happy to help.  


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